Columbus Day Weekend Festival Celebra 25 años!


Evento Familiar:
Federal Hill is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Columbus Day Festival! The Federal Hill Commerce Association (FHCA) will be hosting its Annual Columbus Day Weekend Festival starting on Saturday, October 8th at 10am and ending on Monday, October 10th at 8pm.
The Opening Ceremony will take place on Saturday, October 8, 2016 at Noon on the Stage across from the DePasquale Plaza.
The Annual Parade will start at 11am on Sunday, Oct 9th, 2016 at Harris Avenue and Atwells Avenue continuing along Atwells Avenue and ending at Dean Street.
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Entertainment Schedule
DePasquale Plaza
Saturday, October 8th Driftwoods 1pm -­ 5pm
Roger Ceresi 6pm – ­10pm
Sunday, October 9th Ambrosiani 1pm – 5pm
Steve Anthony 6pm -­ 10pm
Monday, October 10th Reminisce 1pm ‑ 5pm
Dean & Atwells Avenue
Saturday, October 8th Robert Black 6pm -­ 10pm
Sunday, October 9th Tribeca 6pm – 10pm
Monday, October 10th Calamari Brother 1pm – 5pm
Sutton & Atwells Avenue
Saturday, October 8th Something Else 6pm ‑ 10pm
Sunday, October 9th Rob Sole 1pm ‑ 5pm
Monday, October 10th Tribeca 1pm ‑ 5pm
Acorn Street
Saturday, October 8th Coppola Sisters 4pm ‑ 8pm
Sunday, October 9th Robert Black 4pm ‑ 8pm
Monday, October 10 Domenic DiPasqulae 1pm ‑ 5pm